Making a Living — and a Difference

Billy Campbell is a powerful example of a business owner’s dedication to “going above and beyond.” As an Allstate Exclusive Insurance Agent ( for over 40 years – providing exceptional service to all his clients is a top priority.

From Brookhaven, Mississippi to Manchester Boulevard in the City of Inglewood, California. Billy Campbell has made a name for himself as an Allstate Exclusive Agent dating back to 1977. The Campbell Agency was one of the first African American -owned Insurance Agencies in Inglewood.

As very proud man, he has always been confident and assured man. When recently profiled as a pioneer and trailblazer in the Insurance Industry, Campbell shared the motivation and compelling moments that inspired him, recalled watching his grandfather interacting with people of all walks of like during segregation with dignity.

Campbell said those moments made him proud, courageous, happy while inspiring him. The experience showed him that like his grandfather, he could be anywhere without being intimidated by anyone.

Campbell was also impacted by the killing of 14-year-old boy, Emmitt Till, who was lynched less than 200 miles away from Brookhaven Miss. At the time he was 13 years old and recalls Till’s murder making him afraid to be

While letting go of his fear of the past and pressing his way from the ghost of Mississippi to the glory of California while attempting to conquer the world of Insurance, setting records and being honored by the Black Business Association. President/CEO Earl “Skip” Cooper commended Campbell on his achievements. “He has been a long
time member of the BBA and I’m very proud of Billy for his entrepreneur spirit and professionalism,” he said. “In addition, Billy is a strong supporter of the communities he serves and is committed to hard work.”

After moving to California, Campbell worked with his brother at a factory in Gardena, California. At the age of 22 and newly married, he decided to trade a career of manual labor for white collar employment. His boldness to make a drastic career change as a married man with a family came after he read Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich.”

After reading this book, he didn’t want to work at the factory, but he knew whatever he did, it would require hard, dedicated, and committed work. “Think and Grow Rich” helped Campbell realize he was in control of his destiny and left the factory on faith because he no longer saw it as his future.

In 1967, he joined North Carolina Mutual Insurance and studied at Los Angeles City College and later Compton Jr. College. In 1968, he started working for Golden State Mutual as a Debit Agent and qualified for the company’s annual Conference in six months. At GSM, he was recognized as one of the top producers and featured in the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper as the second agent in history to qualify in less than 12 months as Life Million Award.

In 1971, Campbell was hired by Shearson, Lehmon American Express as an agent specializing in mutual funds. He credits Richard Newman of GSM for giving him the opportunity to return to GSM where he was promoted to Staff Manager. His accomplishments provided him the opportunity to be employed by Allstate, who offered Campbell a position as an agent.

At Allstate, he also qualified for Conference in six months and has the distinct honor of being the first African American agent to work in the Regional Office in the Pasadena. His success, dedication and work ethics him to become the first agent to be offered an Allstate Neighborhood Exclusive Agency in 18 months.

“My agency was one of the first agencies to open its doors in the inner cities of Los Angeles,” Campbell said. “I am currently an Agency Owner with four support staff members, and I have excess of 3,500 accounts. My current clients include City of Inglewood, Hollywood Park, Hustler, Lady Luck Casinos, and the Weingart Foundation.”

The fear of being happy he experienced after Till’s lynching is no longer a factor in Campbell’s life. He has no time for fear as he moves forward, helping and having fun empowering others and encouraging them to read Napoleon Hill’s latest book, “Laws of Success.” a must read.

Campbell humbly added, “The accomplishments have afforded me the opportunity to give back to the community whenever possible.” He has served as a Rotarian, on Inglewood’s Lions Club, a former member of the Board of Directors for Inglewood Neighborhood Housing and Development and sits on the small business Advisory Board of California State Assembly Member Autumn Burke.

These are but a few of accolades received over his 40 year career in the Insurance Industry, willing and able to provide you with the Insurance you need. If you ever have the need for Insurance give The Campbell Agency a call at (323) 750-1777. IBM