The Jacques Lesure Trio Makes 5 Years At Lavender Blue Lounge

There are some people and some places that simply “ do it right”

Marsha Tekeste and Lavender Blue fit the bill 100%. As a professional jazz musician and recording artist, I have played in venues all around the world. Some of the most wonderful places to play, are neighborhood lounges. This mean you can always count on a regular schedule of activities and group of regular patrons. Also there is usually a house band of local favorites that hold the bandstand down. Lavender Blue is all the above and some, however there is a unique twist.

You see, I LIVE in Inglewood. My career takes me to the top places for jazz in California, the US and abroad. However, when I would come home, I could not find the same world class entertainment IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD.

That was until Marsha Tekeste opened Lavender Blue on Manchester. Ms. Tekeste is a seasoned restaurateur and proprietor who has had other establishments in the area and in Palm Springs.

I approached her with the idea of live jazz on Sundays. She was on the same page with me, and we made it happen.

Now, five years later, Lavender Blue is host to some of the best music to be found. The house band “ The Jacques Lesure Trio” is affectionately called “Roland’s Band” for one of the regular patrons who is a supporter of the band.

Marvin “Smitty” Smith
Mikal Majeed

The band consists of myself; Jacques Lesure, drummer Marvin “Smitty” Smith, and organist Mikal Majeed. Marvin Smith is one of the top musicians in the world and a 15 year veteran of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Mikal Majeed has played with major acts around the country and has been a first call musician in LA for many years. JL

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