“Market Street On My Mind”

By: Vidal G. Marsh p.g.a.

I found Market Street. Signs from all over the city point towards her magic. The light blue signs that decorate the thoroughfares guide me daily. I do not need to see the signs to know that the magic of this once great avenue is poised to see it’s heyday once again.

The great development blocks away are almost distant to the unique downtown charm being created in the historic downtown core of Inglewood. The four block by two block wide downtown core is not the next thing happening in Inglewood. The revitalization is happening now, daily. Great businesses coming to Market Street every day. The business owners walking with their real estate agents daily looking for a space. I see them. The growth is real.

In five years there will be amazing pictures and videos of the great moments captured on a booming Market Street in downtown Inglewood. Our business community will have new partners to work with. Our community will have amazing retail and entertainment options not seen in the region. But today, we have Market Street. The place that can be found on large blue signs throughout the city. A place where you can have a great meal, visit an amazing art gallery, shop in businesses that greet you warmly. Find healthy bodega style snack shops that focuses on nutrition and a new theater project set to open later this year.

The time is not when. The time is now. Market Street on my mind.