Councilman Alex Padilla’s 4th Annual District 2 Picnic & Chili Cook Off

September 16, 2017 - The City of Inglewood’s North Park hosted Councilman Alex Padillas’ 4th Annual District 2 Picnic & Chili Cook off. A pool of 12 local resident chefs competed in making the best tasting chili of the event.

There were many vendors and local businesses on hand as well as fun-filled activities for the entire family. In attendance was Mayor James T. Butts, Senator Steve Bradford, Councilman George Dotson, Robert Pullen-Miles from Assembly Woman Autumn Burkes’ office, Dr. Jaquelin Sanderlin of IUSD and JC & Angela Johnson of the Serving Spoon.

The 1st Place winner of the best tasting chili when to Hugh Moung. Luis Hernandez (LA County Fire Dept) received 2nd Place & Inglewood resident Linda Williams took 3rd.

This was a fantastic event that brought Inglewood and neighboring communities together for a day of fun, relaxation and unity. Next year will be even better!