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Is Your Small Business Prepared For a Lawsuit?

Business owners must be keenly aware of their financial risks—and the threat of being sued could be larger than you realize. The financial hits of litigation can be far more damaging to small businesses than […]

Why Email Marketing Works

Perhaps the real question for this article should be: Why not email marketing? Many businesses and organizations have diversified their marketing strategies by heavily engaging in the latest social media phenoms, allowing their email marketing […]
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Give Your Business a Digital Presence

You’ve heard that having a static presence is no longer enough. You know that the world of digital marketing is vast and dynamic, and week after week seems to just bring more trends and features […]

Monique Hogan Weddings and Events

Mrs. Hogan is the owner and creative director of Monique Hogan Weddings and Events, a boutique firm that specializes in full service event production. They have been producing extraordinary events for over a decade and […]

Tanya Griffin – Interior Designer

Lotus Designs (310) 370-0502 Facebook: @Lotus Designs LLC   Known as the Renovation Queen Tanya Griffin a native to Los Angeles holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design and has over […]

Prioritizing Profits

I hate to tell you this, but the small business owner has been taught wrong. Think back to when you first had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. What was the first advice everyone gave to […]

Oasis In Food Desert Celebrates 5 Years

First Lady Michelle Obama (pictured) helped get the healthy food movement to Inglewood. It was 2012 and she was in the midst of her campaign to bring fresh food to disadvantaged areas around the country […]

Speaking Up!

What is Good in Inglewood? Well, everything. If you have felt a rumble of positive energy pouring down Market Street it is because the Synergy Speakers Toastmasters club launched in the beginning of 2018. The […]