Allstate TrueFit® Explained

Flexible Life Insurance Options — Allstate TrueFit®

From starting a family to buying a home, your life is full of changes. Allstate TrueFit® is term life insurance protection specially designed for your changing needs. This unique policy available exclusively from your Allstate agent lets you add targeted layers of life insurance protection based on your individual financial situation and also provides:

  • Personalized protection to fit your family’s needs and budget.
  • Customization to help lower costs as your policy needs change.
  • Flexibility to add options to maximize coverage for your whole family.

How TrueFit Works

To get a better understanding of how TrueFit can be personalized to fit your needs, let’s look at the example of Jeff and Debbie, ages 35 and 32. Using a $1,000,000 initial policy, the chart below demonstrates how they can layer their coverage with a 26-year-policy and save over time when compared to a typical term life insurance policy.







A look at a personalized TrueFit policy over time:

Although death benefits can be used for any purpose, the chart below shows how you can layer coverage.












$1,000,000 of coverage for 30 years with a level premium of 100.76 per month*

Unlike TrueFit, a typical term life insurance policy protects Jeff and Debbie across the board at the same price for 30 years. Only a TrueFit policy lets them pay for the protection they need, when they need it. Their premium can start at $62.48 per month(1) and decrease over time, saving them up to 36%2 over a level term policy as a result.      (1){This example is hypothetical for illustrative purposes only. Premium is based on a male, age 35, preferred elite underwriting class.}

Here's another way to look at how it works:

You can help protect your family and your wallet with affordable life insurance. TrueFit lets you select coverage in one-year increments, not just five- or ten- year increments like other term life insurance. You can choose any length of time, from 10 years up to 30 — for your policy. If you only need 26 years of protection, then you can get a policy for 26 years — no more, no less.

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