Driving Laws That Help Teens Learn

Teen driving comes with freedom, independence and a whole lot of worrying. Together with Allstate, you can help keep your young driver safe. Every state has a unique set of Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws that are designed to help gradually build teens' confidence on the road. Knowing and enforcing these laws, as well as creating some rules of your own, can help ensure your young driver makes smart decisions.

Put Teen Safety First

Find answers to many of your teen-driving questions. Access tips and tools to educate your young driver—and yourself—about staying safe on the road. Enjoy information on topics like:

  • Handling an auto accident when your teen still has a learner's permit
  • Knowing when your teen is ready to start driving alone
  • Preventing distracted driving & texting
  • Learning how to drive smarter with educational games
  • Participating in a teen safe driving program and accessing relevant research

Save On Young Driver Auto Insurance

Insuring your young driver could be more affordable than you think. Allstate offers a number of teen driving discounts that can help you lower your auto insurance premium.

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