Why Email Marketing Works

Perhaps the real question for this article should be: Why not email marketing? Many businesses and organizations have diversified their marketing strategies by heavily engaging in the latest social media phenoms, allowing their email marketing […]
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Give Your Business a Digital Presence

You’ve heard that having a static presence is no longer enough. You know that the world of digital marketing is vast and dynamic, and week after week seems to just bring more trends and features […]

The SEO Queen

Many ask me: What is SEO? Why should I care? Well I have an answer. Search Engine Optimization is about making your content desirable for a specific search engine to serve in queries as the […]

Prioritizing Profits Part 2

In the last issue, I shared with you that your profits are the most important financial metric of your business. Implementing a different mindset to prioritize the critical decisions of your business by realizing that […]

Why Small Business Should Be Crowdfunding

Are you being a scrooge when it comes to funding your small business? According to a Manta survey, only 2% of small businesses are using crowdfunding. And I think that’s a shame. Especially since funding […]

Project Management Collaborative

Project Management Collaborative, LLC (PMC) offers construction consulting services to owners and principles during all stages of development for commercial, multifamily, residential, and industrial construction projects. PMC assists owners in the analysis and implementation of […]

Monique Hogan Weddings and Events

Mrs. Hogan is the owner and creative director of Monique Hogan Weddings and Events, a boutique firm that specializes in full service event production. They have been producing extraordinary events for over a decade and […]